Sex Offenders


Sex Offenders


The following is a list of sex offenders registered within the Village of Hoffman Estates. The registry could change daily and the information is accurate only for the date and time of release and/or registration of the offender.

Last updated: March 1, 2017

Warning - Child Offender -- Victim was under the age of 17

Questions? Please contact Sgt. Cawley at 847-882-1818.


Crompton, Erik A
Date of Birth: 03-21-80

2070 Danbury Place


Criminal Sexual Assault

 Crompton 2015


Johnson, Ross A.

Date of Birth: 11-17-91

1315 Mayfield Lane


 Warning - Child Offender

 Possession of Child Pornography




 Johnson 2015

Morganti, Joseph C
Date of Birth: 12-26-85
1360 Fairmont Road


Warning - Child Offender              

Indecent Solicitation of a Child


 Morganti 2015



Norals, Paris

Date of Birth: 09-20-70

615 Mohave Street


Criminal Sexual Assault






 Norals, P 09-19-16
Pascolini, Jonathan M
Date of Birth: 12-16-88
1779 Burr Ridge

Warning - Child Offender
Child Pornography

Pascolini 2017