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The Finance Department is comprised of accounting, utility billing, customer service, and office services. The Department is responsible for maintaining the Village's financial assets and investments, as well as overseeing water billing, payroll, accounts payable, and fixed assets. The Department prepares the annual operating budget, the annual capital budget, and the comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR). The Department is also responsible for all financial transactions required of the pension funds.


Attention Credit & Debit Card Users

For many years, the Village of Hoffman Estates has accepted credit and debit cards for payment of all Village services and, as a benefit to those customers, the Village has paid for the processing charges imposed by credit card merchants on those transactions.  As the popularity of using this payment method has increased, the total volume and amount of fees paid for by the Village has increased as well.   

The Village of Hoffman Estates has decided that, since the use of credit and debit cards provides a convenience to the customers who use them, it is appropriate for those customers to assume the fees associated with this convenience. Beginning December 1, 2017, the processing fees charged by credit and debit card companies will be passed through to the paying customers.  These fees are paid directly to the credit and debit card companies and will not be collected by the Village.

For questions about this change or any of the payment options available, please contact the Hoffman Estates Finance Department at (847) 843-4800.



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